Tianyang Tao


I am a master’s student at Université Paris-Saclay. Before that, I received my bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Peking University and did research at IA and ICT, CAS. Currently, I am interning under the guidance of Jiaheng Zhang.

My research interest is applied cryptography, especially zero-knowledge proofs and its applications on blockchain. Previously, I enjoyed Game AI competitions.


Jan 2, 2024 I arrived at Singapore and started my new life!
Feb 23, 2023 I finished all my AI courses and said goodbye to AI!
Nov 19, 2022 Our paper on Multi-Task DRL got accepted at AAAI 2023!
Dec 15, 2021 We won a silver medal in Kaggle Lux AI Challenge!
Oct 1, 2021 We won 3rd in NeurIPS 2021 MineRL Competition Intro Track!
Aug 10, 2021 I won 1st in the 15th National Computer Games Tournament Mahjong Track!